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Autódromo La Pampa circuit

argentinaAutódromo La Pampa circuit

Opened: 2012
Length: 2.58 Miles/4.15 Kilometres
Type: Permanent
Direction: Anti-Clockwise
Events Held:   Turismo Carretera, National Tourism, Super TC 2000
Lap Record (Current Layout): 1:16.809, Augustine Canapino, 2012
Address: Autódromo La Pampa, La Pampa, Argentina
Contact: Not Known

Autódromo La Pampa circuit is located in La Pampa, Argentina.  It is a replacement for Parque Ciudad de Santa Rosa.  With a total distance of 2.58 miles (4.15 kilometres), Autódromo La Pampa circuit runs in an anti-clockwise direction with a pit lane and possibilities to shorten track distance to accommodate smaller racing events.  Though still new having opened in 2012, Autódromo La Pampa circuit hosts a number of racing events such as Turismo Carretera, National Tourism and Super TC 2000.

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